About us

We understand with a fast paced life and busy schedule it's not easy to find your soul mate and from here onwards our process starts as we ensure a happy married life to all the marriage seekers by providing personalized matrimonial and matchmaking services. Welcome to Mangalsutra.com - a venture of Astroscience Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and an initiative by Gurudev G.D. Vashist who is world fame Red Book (Lal Kitab) specialist. It is a belief that Mangalsutra symbolizes the inseparable bond between a husband and a wife as the word Mangalsutra is combined of two words - Mangal & Sutra. “Mangal” which means auspicious and “Sutra” means thread together forms an “auspicious thread” lifelong and here we work with this very prime objective that is to provide matchmaking results in an inseparable pious bond of lifelong alliances between the would be partners and their families.

Our key prime concept includes the following :

We provide you with the best personalized matrimonial matchmaking services by providing up-close assistance in every possible matchmaking area as we believe in methodical style of working which includes expert’s assistance in their respective area of expertise. Subsequently, we have different relationship, compatibility and astrology experts who work very closely with the detailing and preferences provided by you in the form to search a desired soul mate for you.

Our experts strongly pay emphasis on your basic traits, compatibility factors, habits, preferences, likes-dislikes, comfort zone and other crucial aspects including age, caste, education, social status, profession, physical appearance and psychological formation etc.

Our astrology expert analytically studies condition of planets, and ascendant by providing corresponding remedies in accordance by matching birth chart of both the girl and boy then analyzing and interpreting it.

We understand wedding customs are serious affair as it leads to new significant beginning in life. The alliance come with all the strong emotions like hope, trust, responsibility and a lifelong commitment for that we ensure you can always count on us because we predict your lifetime blissful relation thanks for visiting us!