What is Astro-Matchmaking

Gurudev G.D. Vashist ji has blessed the mankind by putting all his efforts and expertise in Lal Kitab Amrit. Marriage is a sacred institution in India. It is a life time relation which needs so many factors to match for a successful married life. Most of the people believe that matching horoscope would be sufficient for perfect married life. The importance of “Gun Milan” is so much in our country that people do not think beyond this or about other factors at all. But Lal kitab helps the individuals to think of every factor, practical aspects also. Lal kitab gives the detail about the two individuals, their characteristics and nature. A person can be judged by their behavior and character much more than “Gun”. Gurudev has analyzed that only “Gun Milan” is not sufficient for marriage compatibility. Gurudev has then discovered the power of Lal Kitab fundamentals in matchmaking so he introduced a tool which is called Astro-Matchmaking for Mangalsutra.com. This tool says every aspects about your would-be partner whether it is financial aspects, individual’s nature or other big happening in life. The predictions and results for matchmaking are based on research and analysis of Gurudev G.D. Vashist. We have two types of Matchmaking Free and Premium. Free matchmaking doesn’t include complete predictions, remedies and conclusion of matchmaking. In Premium matchmaking you will get complete predictions with remedies and conclusion. This will also include remedies and precautions for happy married life.

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